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Winter 2013/2014 Issue

We were excited to share the latest on our hometown with this issue's special section on Atlanta, including how this Georgia capital has become the Hollywood of the South. In the spirit of the season, Travelgirl brings you 5 hotels that pamper and pay it forward, from Kenya to Canada. Spend a day with us in Salt Lake City, take a culinary tour of North Carolina and check out amazing adventures for Valentine's Day for couples and singles. He wouldn't spill all his secrets, but we learned about some of the magic of David Copperfield, our cover guy. All this and more in the current issue of Travelgirl!

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Three different airlines have replaced your luggage in the last six months.


Janice McDonald at the Varsity in ATL

"Outsiders may raise an eyebrow as to why a diner is on my list of favorites, but the Varsity is an Atlanta tradition. Originally opened just a year before the Fox, it grew from a six-seat restaurant to the largest drive-in in the world. The menu has changed little since it first opened, and the Varsity's chilidogs and onion rings are the stuff legends are made of."

From "An Insider's Guide to ATL" by Janice McDonald
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24 focus on: philanthropy
Ways to Give Back with these 5 Getaways
30 publisher's choice: israel
Head for: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea
32 travelgirl coverguy:
david copperfield
The Man Behind the Illusions 
36 Escapes: Fall Getaways
40 Insider's Guide to Atlanta
48 Local Faves of Atlanta Travelgirls
50 The Hollywood of the South
53 City Pick: Orlando, Florida
57 City Pick: Taos, New Mexico
59 Travelgirl Day in: Salt Lake City
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12 reflections from the road
  letter from the editor-in-chief
14 on the road again
  letter from the publisher
16 tg alley: stuff we love
  Etiquette in the sky, Israeli Spa, Teddybear Tear
35 you know you're a travelgirl if...
60 advance notice
  Valentine's Day Travel Specials
62 founders' finds
Must-have products
64 final thought
Season's Greetings

Spice Island Nutmeg, By Amanda Castleman

"Trade winds cool this seven-mile long island nation, just 12 degrees north of the equator. Here Amerindian traditions blend with African and European ones to produce a culture as rich and complex as Grenada's signature export: nutmeg."

About Spice Island and Beach Resort From "5 Hotels That Pamper and Pay It Forward" by Amanda Castleman