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travelgirl magazine - escapes for women

Escapes 2014 Issue

Our travelgirls have been all over the planet! Join Marybeth Bond as she frolics with the penguins in Antarctica, Jan Schroder on her journey to seek balance in India, Renee Werbin on a riverboat through France, and Amanda Castleman as she sips her way through the wineries of the Willamette Valley. Our travelguy, Michael Kiefer, travels to Lugano, Switzerland, which he says is like Italy for beginners.

He charmed us in "Sex and the City" but the path to stardom hasn't always been full of laughs for Mario Cantone. Find our more in our publisher's interview with our coverguy. We share our favorite products in Finders' Finds and TG Alley and our readers share who their fantasy travel partner is and why. Come join the fun in our Escapes issue!


you know you're a travelgirl if…
Three different airlines have replaced your luggage in the last six months.


By Mary Beth Bond - Antarctica

"We were in one of the last wild places on earth. The frozen continent surprised me  with a sense of space  and remoteness that goes  beyond Alaska or the Himalayas. Some icebergs look like delicate blown glass and others are raw, colossal and monstrous."

— From "Meet the Penguins," by Marybeth Bond
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24 Travelgirl Glimpse: Lugano, Switzerland
Slice of Swiss life, Italian style
26 Travel Far: Seeking Balance in India
The Amazing Ananda  
32 Travelgirl Coverguy: Mario Cantone
Cancelled from Carson, but shined on Sex and the City and Broadway
36 Escapes: Summer Reflections
38 Girlfriend Getaway: Carmel-by-the-Sea
41 You Said it: Fantasy Celebrity Travel Partners
42 Tourism Making a Difference: in the Willamette Valley
48 Publisher's Choice: River Cruising in France
52 You Know You're a Travelgirl If...
54 Travel Far: Penguins and a Polar Plunge in Antarctica
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10 reflections from the road
  letter from the editor-in-chief
12 on the road again
  letter from the publisher
14 tg alley: stuff we love
  Jasper, an Amelia Island Eatery and Vintage Nola
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22 savvy six: tel aviv
  tips to travel with from Travelgirl's founders
60 founders' finds
  must-have products
62 editor's expression
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64 final thought
love according to Maya

Photo by Jan Schroder - India

"After winding my way through the narrow streets, busily dodging the zooming scooters and roaming cows, I dipped my toes in the Ganges River then settled down on concrete bleachers to listen to the mystical chanting and singing of the saffronclad
young boys as the sun set over the river. The ceremony concluded with the lighting and passing around of lit oil lamps and I happily held and circled one in the air."

— From "Finding Balance in the Himalayas" by Jan Schroder