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sept. 19, 2014



Pick of the Week

If you've ever dined with friends and struggled over how to split the check at the end of meal, try Tip'n Split. This small device not only lights up and magnifies the check so you can actually see it in the first place in dimly light restaurants, it can also split it anyway you'd like without elaborate calculations. You can also calculate how much gratuity to add based on the percentage you want to tip. $24.95.

Baby Turtles in Bonaire

Guests at Harbour Village Beach Club in Bonaire welcomed some special guests recently when 138 Hawksbill turtle hatchlings made their way from the nest safely across the sand and into the surf. These endangered critters got a little help from guests and staff who ensured the little fellas could crawl safely to the water. Staff from Sea Turtle Conversation Bonaire helped by setting up a live web cam near the nest in mid-August. Bonaire boasts three of the seven species of turtles in the world, and has been designated as having the most pristine coral reef environment in the Caribbean.

Leela Palace from Jared

Featured in the current issue of Travelgirl magazine Leela Palace in New Delhi introduces the Kamal package for women. Ride to town in a chauffeur driven BMW, enjoy luxury toiletries from Gilchrist and Soames, a choice of magazines and newspapers, yoga mats, styling accessories and high speed internet. Guests can also enjoy the beautiful spa, on-call make-up artist, private yoga sessions, live cooking demonstrations and guided day tours to nearby sites such as the Taj Mahal and Agra. And of course, lounging by this magnificent rooftop pool. (Photo by Rohit Chawla)


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