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The Enchanting Fairmont

The weather may be blissfully warm during the Christmas holidays in Scottsdale but the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess transforms into a winter wonderland each year with an extraordinary "Christmas at the Princess" festiva. This marvelous five-star desert hotel glistens for six weeks during the season with over two million lagoon lights, magical snowfalls and a holiday carousel. Be sure to don your ice skates for a circle around the holiday ice rink and take your children on a delightful ride on the Princess Express Train. Enjoy a swim or a game of golf in the sun while experiencing the enchanting and magical splendors of the season, all available at the incredible Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.


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nov. 20, 2015



Pick of the Week

Most of us have our pretty, special occasion panties. And then our not-so-pretty ones for when we sweat. With Knock Out Panties you don't have to make a choice. This collection of thongs, briefs, boy shots and bikinis are both pretty and comfortable, made with luxury cotton so they breathe. And there are no dyes to irritate your skin. They come in several colors and style choices. Prices start at $16.

Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Houses

Let the sugar wars begin! It's time for the National Gingerbread House Competition at the Omni Grove Park Inn, in its 23rd year. While I love Christmas trees, I adore gingerbread houses and the creativity displayed, with castles, animal scenes, churches and just about anything else that can be constructed from the sweet treat. More than 80 houses are on display through January 3. Non-guests pay a $10 parking fee.

Most Efficient Airports

And the winner is ... Portland! Apparently flights are rarely cancelled there - only .4 percent. My main memory is being able to buy a growler of beer for my husband in one of the terminals, which struck me as very efficient. created a list of the 10 most efficient airports based on delays, cancellations, taxi time and flight volume. Rounding out the top 10 are Anchorage, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Santa Ana, Minneapolis, Spokane, Long Beach, Atlanta and San Jose.