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Ready to plan your own all-girl getaway? Be sure to watch the TV show All-Girl Getaways on the Fine Living Network, hosted by our very own Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald, now on Sundays at 1PM.
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Is that travelgirl Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald frolicking on the beach with bikini-clad Drew Barrymore? Not quite, but you can see Stephanie and Drew with her ex-flame as featured in Life & Style magazine here.

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We've known it for a long time: women & travel are a perfect match! Read comments from Stephanie Oswald and travelgirl Adventure Editor Marybeth Bond in this AP story that highlights the powerful trend of Girlfriend Getaways here.

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travelgirl Publisher Renee Werbin met with Fern Siegel, deputy editor of MediaPost. Read Fern's review of travelgirl magazine, which she asserts is "not your ordinary travel pub," with an emphasis on "timeless" rather than "trendy." She also appreciates our focus on intimate travel, with coverage on health, culture and exquisite landscapes. Oh and it makes her happy we don't use the word "hot" or overdose on exclamation points. Read the whole story here.

september 2006

Article from
Travel Girl
by Fern Siegel, Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TRAVEL GIRL TREATS THE word "girl" liberally. Cher, Diane von Furstenberg and Paula Zahn have all graced its cover. And whatever their individual achievements, no one could confuse them with adolescents. Which brings us to Travel Girl's larger point: Girl is relative. To its publisher, Renee Werbin, it taps "the young at heart." And, while it may sound a bit corny, it works. And I don't say that lightly.

"Girl" is either reserved for those who wear size 4 and consider text messaging the equivalent of conversation, or the ladies who lunch. Travel Girl, however, sweeps the prime 25-54 pool, targeting savvy, sexy and sophisticated women. It says so in its tagline--and happily, this 5-year-old bimonthly, geared to affluent readers, delivers. That's thanks to its editor, Stephanie Oswald, who spent 13 years producing and reporting travel news for CNN. Colleagues dubbed her the"travel girl," and she parlayed a nickname into a 300,000-strong circ.

Unlike traditional travel mags, Travel Girl doesn't showcase travel pix on its cover--it relies on cutlines like "Scotland's Castles" or "St. Lucia's Serenity." Instead, its cover girl radiates lifestyle. Travel Girl is travel-plus. A theme exemplified by Danica Patrick, better known as the Princess of Speed. She is what you'd call fast. Her idea of fun is flooring a 1,800-pound, 650 horsepower racecar at 220 mph.


At 24, Patrick is the first woman to lead the Indy 500, finishing in fourth place in 2005, eighth place in 2006. In a field where machismo rules, Patrick rocks. People put her on its World's Most Beautiful list, while her professional credentials would make Nascar winners swoon. No creampuff, Patrick competes in open wheel racing--one of the toughest racing disciplines. Yes, she likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but after she's left the boys in the dust.

Travel Girl not only profiles Patrick but gives readers a crash course in Indy racing. Admittedly, it's not the standard where-do-celebs-like-to-party fare, but it is an education. Travel Girl, as you've surmised by now, is not your ordinary travel pub.

Patrick's interview is followed by a first-person account of a Tuscan spa, highlighting the joys of steamy baths in the thermal waters of the Dolomites. Usually, reading about someone else's relaxation aggravates me, but I'm sold on the allure. Happily, the author takes frequent side trips--be it to a Benedictine monastery or the cobblestone streets of Pienza, a gem of Renaissance architecture. I don't mind if the body melts, but I like to keep the brain active.

Happily, Travel Girl never uses the word "hot." Its focus is timeless rather than trendy, though it appreciates beauty--be it Sonoma, Calif., or the Isle of Ornsay. Each story ends with a "411," which earmarks a place or event, then lists key info. Also, the layout is clean, it doesn't have 55 points of entry, nor does it overdose on exclamation marks. Some travel mags make me dizzy. No one should have to take medication just to get through a feature on Europe's top hotels.

When Travel Girl selects a destination, it personalizes it. One contributor heard the call of Ireland and waxed poetic about the "golden gorse-covered hills." (I had to look up the word, too.) But she also discovers a "sojourn in seaweed seduction" on the Emerald Isle. That's right, the writer found the Seaweed Baths in County Sligo as well as the Broc House, a haven for Yeats fans. This is Travel Girl's forte--intimate travel, often with a holistic twist, but celebrating the total experience. Each piece tries to hit the trifecta: health, culture and exquisite landscapes, though the paean to Crested Butte, Montana, gave me pause. It's billed as a "mecca for the fit and the fearless"--of which I am neither. After all, the Unibomber considered Montana his great escape. But in fairness, you can't judge a place by its populace. Where would Washington, D.C. be?

Most impressive, at a time when magazines are either folding or competing in crowded categories, Travel Girl is expanding its newsstand distribution and its presence in Kimpton's boutique hotel chain. At heart, Travel Girl remains a personal expression of its staff, who clearly want women to enjoy the open road--though retire to a four-star at night. Nature is wonderful and culture inspiring, but who says you can't contemplate it from a king-sized bed with pleated cuff Ralph Lauren bedding?

Fern Siegel is Deputy Editor of MediaPost.

(c) 2006 MediaPost Communications, 1140 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001

july 2005: press release

ATLANTA, GEORGIA– July 2005— The current issue of travelgirl magazine is undoubtedly the most vibrant publication on the newsstands this summer. It's impossible to miss the captivating smile of travelgirl covergirl Jane Seymour hitting newsstands this week. Seymour, who starred in many roles including “Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman,” is also a celebrated author, designer, philanthropist and mother extraordinaire. She bursts off the cover of travelgirl in a rainbow of color created by the famous artist Peter Max. Inside, Seymour speaks candidly with travelgirl Publisher Renee Werbin, about her home in England, her entry into Hollywood and what it's like to be a Bond girl.

The color continues with destination features on wedding planning in the Florida Keys, castle-hopping in Scotland, Denver mania, the rebirth of Manchester and Beatles tourism in Liverpool. One spread proves that girls just want to have fun, with a look at where the girls from Sex And The City might opt to spend their summer vacations. Whether you're planning a sizzling summer rendezvous, or eager to cruise ahead for a peek at the perfect fashions for fall, the July/August issue of travelgirl magazine will help you reach your destination. When it comes to relationships, the bi-monthly national publication offers tips for creating the right prenuptial agreement, the pros and cons of getting married on a holiday weekend, and a guy's point of view on whether or not 40 is the new 30.

“Our goal is to constantly add color to our readers’ lives,” says travelgirl Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald. “We are thrilled to have Peter Max’s help with that mission on the cover of our latest issue. That's what travelgirl magazine is always about. We are dedicated to helping every woman find her oasis – on vacation or at home, whether she's planning for herself, her girlfriends or her family. We want to help the mother, the honeymooner, the executive and the curious globetrotter make the most of her travels.”

Created for women of all ages and lifestyles, travelgirl is heavy on personal travel experiences and advice for everyday living, with a dash of celebrity. The national publication comes out six times a year, and is written by globetrotting professional as well as novice authors. The goal of travelgirl is to provide resourceful tips and armchair escapes for improving the overall quality of women's lives through travel.

Jane Seymour is one of many celebrated personalities to be featured as a travelgirl covergirl. Other recent covers have spotlighted Soledad O’Brien, Cher, Carol Alt and Lauren Hutton. In June, travelgirl celebrated its second anniversary. It can be found at Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and


june 2005: press release


Artist to Appear for July/August Issue Unveiling in VIP Reception June 24 from 6-9 p.m.

ATLANTA – The brushstrokes of vivid colors gracing Travelgirl’s July 2005 cover are signature of world-renowned artist Peter Max, and the artist will help the magazine unveil the cover Friday, June 24, in Atlanta during a VIP reception to precede Max’s gallery exhibit opening at the Wentworth Gallery in Phipps Plaza.

The artist ( will make a special appearance at the gallery’s exhibit opening at Phipps, and also on June 25 at the Wentworth Gallery at Perimeter Mall. At both exhibit openings, artwork is available for acquisition, and each of Max’s appearances is open to the public.

Max’s latest retrospective features more than 100 pieces of Max’s art, including original paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints. The subject matter of the work ranges from the well known “Cosmic” images to his famous iconic paintings such as the “Statue of Liberty” and “Flag with Heart.”

Since the late 1960s, Peter Max’s work has been an artistic symbol of American pop culture. His images form a scrapbook illustrating 40 years of Americana. Max’s imagination and vision can be found in over 100 museums and galleries throughout the world and on a variety of canvases, including the Berlin Wall and a Boeing 777 jumbo jet, currently in use by Continental Airlines. Max has painted portraits of numerous world leaders, including the last six U.S. Presidents, the Dalai Lama, and Mikhail Gorbachev. He also has been designated Official Artist of numerous international events, including six Grammy Award broadcasts, three World’s Fairs, and six Super Bowls.

Wentworth Gallery Event Info:
Friday, June 24th:
5 – 6 p.m.: Cover unveiling/reception
6 – 9 p.m.: Exhibit opening
Phipps Plaza
3500 Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30326

Saturday, June 25th, 6 – 9 p.m.
Perimeter Mall
4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30346
770.913.0641 phone
404.233.0903 phone

Exhibit Info: At both the Phipps Plaza and Perimeter Mall Wentworth Gallery locations, the special Peter Max collections will be on display through June 30, though both galleries display select works year-round.



december 2004: press release

travelgirl Magazine Offers 12 Tips to Make you Security Savvy -December 2004
By Stephanie Oswald

For more than eight million people in the United States, tis the season to head for the airport. Keeping in mind the rules are constantly changing and there are rampant inconsistencies from one airport to another, travelgirl magazine offers the following guidelines for a successful trip through holiday security screening.

1. Be Patient. Remember, this is when non-frequent flyers are out in full force. You may travel every week for business, but for the family of six in front of you, this could be the first flight of the year.
2. Be Tolerant. Pat-down procedures are not meant to be personal invasions. Remember, you may ask for a same-sex attendant to perform the pat-down procedure if you are selected. Keep a positive attitude.
3. Be Organized. Have your identification and boarding pass in your hands. Many airports want you to show them again right after you walk through the screening area.
4. Be Shoe Savvy. Wear rubber-soled, low-heeled shoes that won’t set off the sensors. Uggs can be worn through the screening area and many other designers such as Stuart Weitzman and Kenneth Cole have created shoes designed specifically with travelers in mind.
5. Dress Down. Body piercings, hair accessories, belt buckles and under wire bras can set off sensors, so avoid wearing such items on travel days.
6. Pack Smart. When in doubt, leave it out of your carry-on. Cork Screws, manicure kits, etc. should be put in checked luggage. Remember to review your carry-on items before you zip up your checked bag.
7. Review Gifts. Some food items are not security-friendly. Examples: heavy fruitcakes will set off some sensors, and any homemade alcohol that is stored in a non-professionally sealed container will not be allowed through security. Enjoy your treats before going to the airport!
8. Be Ready. Remember, laptops need to come out of their cases; hats and coats need to come off. Every second counts in getting you to your destination so approach the security area ready to fill the bins with these items.
9. Ski Gear Goes Cargo. Headed for the slopes? Like most sports items, skis and poles must be checked. You can carry-on your boots if you like.
10. Know the Rules. Be aware of size and weight rules for checked luggage. Sometimes two medium sized bags are better than one huge one. Stuffing a large suitcase could cost you in overweight fees at the airport. Also, if an overstuffed bag is chosen for random search, it may be difficult for officials to close it back up the way you had it.
11. Don’t Joke. Security is not a joking matter. Any remarks about bombs or dangerous items will not be tolerated and could get you into big trouble.
12. Keep Your Cool. Nastiness won’t get you anywhere, but niceness might. As they say, remember the reason for the season.

travelgirl magazine was co-founded by former CNN travel correspondent Stephanie Oswald. The January/February issue features Cher, who shares tips for fighting travel stress. “It (travel) is like a muscle you develop,” says the music diva.


november 2004: pitch release


Relieve Holiday Travel Stress With travelgirl

Packed planes, long security lines and jammed highways are bad enough, but throw even a little bad weather into the mix and holiday travel can quickly become a nightmare. travelgirl magazine’s globetrotting editor-in-chief Stephanie Oswald shares tips for how you can keep your cool when travel stress heats up.

Stephanie encountered every imaginable travel problem in her years of traveling the world for CNN. She’s also an expert on bad weather travel — during this fall’s hurricanes, she was sent to the center of the storms to keep an online diary for The Weather Channel. She’s a wonderful storyteller and will give your audience valuable information for making all their travels happy.

Contact Info: Wendy Guarisco at 404-354-6468 can send you a review copy of the magazine and/or schedule an interview with Stephanie or a member of the travelgirl team. And please visit

. About travelgirl: travelgirl is the first national travel publication to debut since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Created by former CNN travel correspondent Stephanie Oswald and travel company CEO and president Renee Werbin, travelgirl is dedicated to helping the mother, the honeymooner, the executive or the curious globetrotter make the most of her travels. The magazine’s goal is to provide advice for improving the overall quality of women’s lives through travel.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at travelgirl!


february 2004: press release

February 3, 2004


Jane Fonda to Appear on the Cover of travelgirl magazine

Who better than world-renowned actress, activist and fitness superstar Jane Fonda to grace the cover of the upcoming edition of travelgirl magazine—a savvy, sexy and sophisticated guide to travel, leisure and lifestyle?
Announcing recently that she will come out of retirement to co-star opposite Jennifer Lopez in a new movie, “Monster-in-Law,” Jane Fonda is not only an accomplished actress, but also a political activist and quintessential travelgirl. She globe-trots for fun and relaxation as well as for causes she feels passionate about.

Fonda speaks candidly with travelgirl publisher Renee Werbin, about coping with airport security, traveling with the kids and finding the female voice. She also enlightens travelgirl readers about G-CAPP, the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. G-CAPP programs educate teens about responsible relationships.

And that’s what travelgirl magazine is all about: helping women enrich their daily lives to the fullest extent of their potential. In addition, this groundbreaking publication assists readers in getting the most rewarding experiences out of their business and leisure trips. Every issue is filled with tips on maintaining health and well-being; recipes for culinary delights; advice on financial issues; perspective on global volunteer opportunities and recounting exotic journeys and backyard delights.

“Jane Fonda belongs on the cover of travelgirl because she’s passionate, focused and determined to make the world a better place for women. Her vision of the world applauds the travelgirl spirit and we’re privileged to have her represent us on the newsstand,” says travelgirl Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Oswald.

This fourth issue of travelgirl is the first for 2004, due to be released nationwide in mid-February. Jane Fonda is the second national figure to be featured on the cover, following Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s appearance on the Winter 2003 issue.

travelgirl magazine is the first national travel publication to debut since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It was created by former CNN travel correspondent Stephanie Oswald and travel company CEO and president Renee Werbin. travelgirl is dedicated to helping the mother, the honeymooner the executive and the curious globe-trotter make the most of her travels. We focus on real life stories covering a vast array of topics, with professional as well as novice authors. The goal of travelgirl is to provide tips for improving the overall quality of women’s lives through travel.

travelgirl launch press release

A magazine for women on the go…and the men who travel with them.
First national travel magazine to launch since 9/11 hits newsstands July 8.
travelgirl aims squarely at women ages 25-55 with articles in the first issue examining when it’s safe to travel while pregnant, offering guidelines for planning an out of town bachelorette party and a review of easy-to-pack candles to bring on the road for aromatherapy-induced escape.

CNN's former Travel Now anchor and Emmy-winning producer Stephanie Oswald serves as Editor-in-Chief and brings with her a group of top notch journalists and experts, among them: CNN’s former medical correspondent Linda Ciampa, RN, who is travelgirl Health Editor; former Newsweek and People magazine correspondent Ana Figueroa, who serves as travelgirl’s Cruise Editor; former “I Do… for Brides editor Lissa Poirot, who takes on the role of Romance Editor, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Master Chef, Rudi Sodamin, who will cook up a cuisine column every issue.

Several other former CNN journalists who covered travel for the news network also write for travelgirl, including Crissy Poorman, travelgirl’s Food & Hospitality Correspondent; and Kathy Kuczka, travelgirl’s Arts & Spirituality Editor.

“There are many wonderful travel magazines out there,” says Oswald, “but travelgirl will fill a niche because it will be written with women in mind. Women are the decision makers in the world of travel and they deserve a magazine specifically for them.”
Many topics serve both sexes: online auctions, financial planning and romance on the road.

Another article in the first issue lists 10 ways to enjoy the experience of travel with little or no cost. For example: throw a dinner party with a vacation theme.

“Cultivating the escape factor is crucial—not only when it comes to the art of traveling, but also in our every day lives,” says Oswald. “We’ll make escape simple, whether it’s a spa treatment at home or a three-week exotic adventure.”

The people behind travelgirl include President Michael Morris who manages a large national Jewish philanthropy as well as several for-profit businesses. He is the son of Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

Morris joined the travelgirl team about two months ago. "Since women make 75% of all travel decisions, travelgirl gives the lady of the house everything she needs to make plans for the family, adventure, romance, solo travel and her travelguy,” says Morris. travelgirl Publisher Renee Werbin is a 14 year veteran of the travel industry and owns SRI Travel and Werbin LTI Tours, Ltd. in Atlanta. “It is my dream to share my experiences with the public as I have been doing for so many years with my clients,” says Werbin.

The quarterly magazine will be available at Barnes and Noble, Borders and other stores nationwide. The cover price is $4.99.
Check out travelgirl at Reach us via publicist Wendy Guarisco at 404-355-4205 or e-mail